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Setting:Sale,hill village



Event3:hill village

Problem:Snow volcano Explotion

Solution:Snowy throws rocks inthe volcano

Titile:The snow Explotion

Once upon a time there was a girl named Lexie. She had a friend named Snowy. Snowy had a friend named michael. The three friends was going to a sale, shopping for cloths. so the three friends went to the sale they went down all the aisle. At the end they all had lots and lots of cloths. first they went home to put away their cloths.
Then the three friends went to a hill where people ca ski,and roll down the hill. The place was called hill village. Lexie and the two friends had a race of I can beat you down the hill. So the three frinds ha the race. So they had the race, Lexie came in first place. 'I told you i can beat you guys down the hill' Boys go to Jupiter to gey more stupiter, girls go to college to get knowledge' Hey thats not nice. Im sorry not Lexie said. Then lexie heard a sound. 'Whats that' Lexie said'. I dont know micheal and Larry said at the same time. Then Lexie saw a huge EXPLOTION.
'It's coming from over there, that volcano. It's about to hit us So the friends gathered around we have to make a plan and quick Snowy you get a bucket of water to make it stop.
Go so Snowy went to go get the water the went to the volcano. Snowy threw the water into the volcano and it didnt stop, so he weent to go get another bucket of water then it stop. The friends cheered and cheered Lexie I think you own us an apology for saying the were studpit said Micheal and Larry. Sorry Lexie said
Then Lexie, Micheal, and Larry lived happyly every after!