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Characters Jake,MR.snowman,Anakin
Setting:At JAKES house

Event1:play football

Event2:they play the WII

Event3:they play hide and seek

Event4:they play games on the computer

Problem:Jake twisted his ankle

Solution:they go to the hospital

Title:the warm winter day
one warm winter day the three boys named Jake,Anakin, and Mr.snowman they all went outside and played football for two hours then Jakes mom told them to come in then they played hide and seek Jake was it he had to find Anakin and Mr snowman.Then Jake found Anakin by the time Jake found anakin Jake's mom let finish playing football then Mr.snowman threw the ball Anakin and Jake both went for the ball then jake twisted his ankle then Mr.snowman said "are you okay" Mr.snowman said no Jake said i cant feel my ankle lets go tell your mom said Anakin okay Jake said what happen his mom said we have to take you to the hospital okay so they drove to the hospital.And he went to the hospital room his friends had to stay out if it was serious.The nurse came asap if it got infected he would have to get a new ankle.

So on Monday December 20 he got a new ankle Jake's mom was scared she couldn't go to sleep so when they got done she came into the room the doctor said he has crutches to walk. The next day Jake got a cast on his ankle, he was sad but it was only for 6 weeks. Which made him much happier!And he went home that night and relaxed it he was happy because he got to rest because it was a Saturday.He played video games on Monday because it was hurting so bad he cried so his mom let him stay home but it stopped hurting so he went to school that day at 1:30pm he still had two hours and thirty mintues. Then the rest of the week he went to school with his crutches so one month later he could walk and run so anakin and mr.snowman came over to his house and saw that he could walk.

The next year....he could walk so Jake and Anakin went to Mr.snowman"s house so they play the Wii downstairs in the basment they all had fun when it was 1:12 Jake and Anakin went home for dinner plus Jake had homework to do for dinner jake had steak and cheese broccoli Jake loved steak but not so much he liked cheese then after he ate dinner he brushed his teeth and went to bed in the morining he had breakfast his mom made eggs and bacon after that he took a shower put his clothes on and went shopping to get him some winter clothes because was coming fast so when they came out the store and they saw that it was snowing Jake loved the snow he would make forts,snowballs,snow angles even snow mans so that day jake went and played in the snow with his mom and dad.when they got inside they were cold so they got some hot chocolate and sat down and watch christmas movies on that day it was chirstmas eve the next morning Jake was so happy he woke up his parents when they went into the living room it was full of presents they were amazed Jake jumped into the presents like a pool so that day they had hot chocolate on that warm winter day.