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Characters: Mr.Snowman,Tammy,and Tina.

Setting:A great place called Snowy Meadows

Events:Ice Skating,Hide and Seek,and Snow Angels

Problem:Mr.Snowman starts to melt.

Solution:Tammy gets a snow machine and he feels better

Title:Hope you you dont melt

One day two girls named Tammy and Tina made a snowman. Tammy said,I wish the snowman will come alive, it did.
It said I'm Mr.Snowman. I have come to be your friend.Tammy said, do you want to go Ice skating with Me and Tina? OK said.Mr.Snowman.But Mr.Snowman.did not know how to ICE SKATE. The next day Mr.Snowman came over to go Ice skating with Tammy and Tina. They went to go Ice skating.When Mr.Snowman got on the Ice he fell! He got up and fell again.Tammy said you do not know how to Skate. Are you dumb.That hurt Mr.Snowman.So Mr.Snowman went back to his igloo and cried.Then Tammy and Tina were walking home and they saw Mr.Snowman crying outside his igloo.They went over to him and apolgied.Tina said, tomorrow we can make snow angels to make a better friendship.The next day Tammy and Tina went to Mr.Snowman and saw he was already making snow angels.

They said hey you were supposed to wait for us.Sorry said Mr.Snowman it looked to fun to wait for.Well what are you waiting for! Come on lets start! They made snow angels all day long until night time.

After their nights rest they woke up and got together and decided to play hide and go seek. Mr. Snowman was so happy they were going to play his favorite game that he ran around shouting, we're going to play my favorite game, we're going to play my favorite game. Tammy and Tina were so happy for Mr. Snowman that they said he could be the one to find the ones that hide first. Mr. Snowman said cool, I'll count to twenty and you can go and hide. So he began to count and the girls ran and found really good hiding places. Mr. Snowman said twenty and opened his coal eyes. ...ready or not here I come. Mr. Snowman began looking for Tammy and Tina. He looked behind trees. He looked around bushes but couldn't find them anywhere. Finally he looked up in the sky and saw the girls hiding in a tree on the branch right above him. He saw Tammy first so he said your it.
As Tammy started to count to twenty to play the game again she noticed that Mr. Snowman was melting....Mr. Snowman you have to get in the refrigerator or you will melt away. Mr.Snowman said that the girls needed to get his snow machine and refreeze him with more snow. So the girls ran and ran and ran to get the snow machine. Just as they got back to refreeze Mr. Snowman he said hurry or I will melt for good and you will never see me again. The girls turned on the snow machine and it blew freezing snow on them instead of Mr. Snowman...Mr. Snowman laughed but said can you freeze me now. The girls shook off the snow and refroze Mr. Snowman. He was saved and they finished the hide and go seek game. When they began to walk home for the night Mr. Snowman turned to Tammy and Tina and said.........THanks girls for Saving me and making me feel better. The girls said, you're welcome Mr. Snowman. We'll see you tomorrow. .........GOODNIGHT.........