CHARACTERS: Mr.Snow and Mr.Cloud and Wierdo

SETTING: In a place called the Beneath

EVENT 1: Mr. Cloud snows on Mr.Snow

EVENT 2: Mr.Snow sufercates in the snow and dies

EVENT 3: Wierdo builts Mr.Snow back up again the next year

PROBLEM: Mr.snow melts (or dies)

SOLUTION: Wierdo builts Mr.Snow back up again the next year.

TITLE: Mr.Clouds revenge Part 1

There once were three friends named Mr.Snow, Mr.Cloud, and Wierdo. They all lived in a place called the Beneath. Mr.Snow was nice.
Mr.Cloud was kind of a bully. Wierdo was just a normal kid.

One day Mr.Cloud said to himself, " I will get back at Mr.Snow bacause he is calling me names".
So he snowed on him so much that he suffecated and Mr.Snow died and melted to the ground in spring.
The next year Wierdo built Mr.Snow back up again and Mr.Cloud was all the way in Africa because he evaporated. And then Wierdo
and Mr.Snow became Best. Friends. Forever. ( B.F.F's )

The next year Mr.Cloud came back and picked up Mr.Snow by the shoulders and tock him to the Nile River and threw him in and Mr.Snow melted again. But then Mr.Snow's pieces of snow floated in the water to shores of antartica. Then a miracle happened. Mr.Snow got rebiult by his family.Then he said, "Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, I found you!"

Twenty years later Mr.Cloud found him. Then Mr.Cloud exclaimed, "I finnaly found you, and now I am going to rip you apart". Then Mr Snow yelled back, "no your not", and punched him into the sea. Then Mr.Cloud evaporated right back over Mr.Snow and his family and tried to snow on them so Mr.Snow and his family hid in thier ygloo.Mr.Cloud searched and searched for them until he said to himself, "maybe if I snowed evreywhere Mr.Snow and his family will come out of there hiding place."

So Mr.Cloud snowed on them and they finnaly came out and Mr.Snow and his family suffercated because Mr.Cloud snowed on them to much.
so wierdo came in his spaceship and built them back up was so mad that he came down and froze wiredo.So Mr.snows family came up and huged wiredo so that his ice would melt. When wiredo got warmer he was so mad for what did to them and what he did to himself. Then said to Mr.snows family," you will never beat me you're to small" and Mr. snows mom started to cry and wiredo said,
"stop"! So looked at wiredo and siad, "make me ".And wiredo said," I dont want to do this but you asked for it" and wiredo took out a machine gun and said,"astalavista baby"! and killed wiredo said ,"that was a job well done"!

But then Mr.Cloud's cousins came. And they were fifty of them! So Mr.Cloud and wierdo ran into the ygloo and took out all the spaceships and
the weapons they found and ran back outside to confront the Mr.Cloud's army of cousin's. When they arived outside all of Mr.snow's family were
lying dead right there on the ground! Mr.Snow and wierdo were boiling with fury so much that they both took two bazzuca's and started
firing at the army. But the bullets disolved! The army had a force field and it now was at fifty percent! so Mr.Snow and wierdo shot again and
the bullets disolved again but the force field disolved to!!!!!!!! So then Mr.snow and wierdo shot again and twenty cousin's died!!!!!

Then one cousin flew away from the army and started to shot at Mr.Snow and Wierdo but they dodged. Whenn all the the mist cleared
there was ahuge hole in antartica! luckily they werent hurt. Right when that happened the news was flying around on the T.V news reportage.
so wierdo and mr.snow decided to use thier super powers. so wierdo had the power to to fly and throw fireballs wyill mr.snow had the power
to fly and controll iceballs! They both also had a force field around them!

the army was amazed and dazzled so wierdo and mr.snow took that time to throw iceballs and and fireballs at the army by that time the
army got over thier amazment wierdo and mr.snow killed twenty of the cloud people!!!!! but then one of the clouds shot wierdo and he lost his
forcefield so he said " second force field activate"!!! and eh activated another force field!!!! but suddenly to their amazment, a nuclear bomb
troped fro the sky and they all the people on antartica blew up and you could hear a evil lafter that went "muhahahahahahahahah"i have had part of my revenge now with wierdo and mr.snow out of the way i will commplet my revenge"muhahahahahahahahaha"!!!!!!!